Product growth: Increase adoption with new opt-in, UxD, and price plans [004.5]

Adoption increaseThe mantra to pot of gold is “Increased Adoption” of your premium service. Well, that is all we were looking for in all our data analytics reports… any information that could give us a clue to what we should do next. Every 0.5% increase in adoption translated to additional $1M annual revenues. In short, it meant more users should be able to trial the service with improved user experience and more price plan options… learned from our data analytics reports and direct feedback from the customers. Our premium service adoption had flattened so we had to do something.

Here is a tip for all… app users are the smartest users and are hungry to give you feedback so give them a chance to help you. In one our client releases, upon my instructions the team embedded a feedback link in the app 6 levels deep without approval from our Carrier customer. After the build was downloaded by customers we started receiving more than 100 feedback emails from the users which we started sharing with our Carrier customer and they were happy about it. Few months later, the Carrier customer product manager announced in some meeting that the best feature they have added to the application was Customer Feedback.

It had been almost 3 years and our UI had not changed. The screen size and resolution was increasing with every new device. Newer Android UI standards were released which allowed us to use much better quality graphics and UI assets. Also, media share option to Facebook and other apps had become available as standard in Android APIs. So our UI/UxD team came up with completely new UI with multiple themes, which we got approved by our Carrier customer. This time the UI/UxD was ours not that of the Carrier customer. It is very important to own the UI/UxD of your client application because that puts you in control of customer experience. The process was super iterative and stormy but was completed in less than 2 months. As part of the new user experience, we added the following features to improve user adoption:

  • Auto opt-in to free trial of voicemail to text premium service out of the box (two years had passed and now the legal team of Carrier customer was ok with approving this).
  • Introduction of 3-months and 6-months price plan.
  • Support for prepaid subscribers (required integration with new billing system to figure out real-time if they had money in their account at time of billing).
  • Support for credit / debit card payment for prepaid subscribers.
  • Share to Facebook.

We literally doubled our paid subscriber base within 6 months close to 1M subscribers with this super successful upgrade.

Next up… launch Ad support.

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