Product growth: Make voicemail cool with avatars [004.8]

Animates MessengerThis is the last blog in the product growth series about launching Avatars in visual voicemail and Animates app on Google Play & Apple App Store in Freemium business model.

But why avatars? Well… we had a graphics software division, which had very cool animation products including the avatar technology as an app in the Apple App Store. Avatars brought voice to life. People could compose a message by selecting an avatar and the message was played back in the voice of the avatar, which was very intimate to the end users. People were really enjoying using this app and adoption was growing. Our data analytics was showing continuous reduction in voicemail usage. So this seemed like a very cool way of reviving the voicemail / voice messaging traffic in the Carrier network.

The challenge was adding the avatar technology to the client application as well as add avatar video playback technology in the SaaS infrastructure for playback from anywhere in the world.

Since AniMates Messenger by itself was interesting enough, we launched it on the app stores so users could exchange AniMates / Avatar messages. Also, we had capability for playback by users who did not have the AniMates or Avatars apps with an option to download the client app from the app store and start using the app.

This was completely new content revenue stream. The graphics software division had a content developer community, which was engaged to build avatar / animates content that was posted on the app stores for in-app purchase from the client application. The store purchase experience and UI/UeX for designed to make it as easy and cool for the users to adopt the service and buy the content on a regular basis. Content packs were made available for users to purchase and use for messaging with their friends.

With the launch of AniMates on app stores and Avatar in visual voicemail app, the content revenue stream was unlocked with a completely new cool user experience for the users.

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