Where is your BotMap?

BotMap? What is a BotMap?

Yes BotMap… Decipher & Build defines BotMap as a people engagement roadmap using ChatBots to build a bond with real people… your customers, partners and employees.

Every CEO has heard about ChatBots but very few have a BotMap for their company. Many relationship management software have been deployed successfully but very few engage people one-on-one. None of the apps engage people inside the messaging apps where the people hangout 70% of the time during a day.


Everyone has deployed apps, which people have to go download from the app store. Well… this requires companies to push people to download the apps. Even after the app is downloaded 80% of the apps are never run again or rarely used. With ChatBots, brands are able to hangout as peers inside the messaging app next to the people. People love chatting with friends, foes, and family. ChatBots make brands look and behave like people thus making it easier for people to build a bond with a brand. It is as simple as that.

All data shows Bots is the way to go to build bond with people then why don’t you (business/enterprise) have a BotMap?

Corporations have deployed chat long time ago but employees are still struggling to remember how to log a help desk ticket, which is the list of holidays for the year, what is my leave balance, how do I change my 401k deduction %? All the employees are already single click away on chat then why are they struggling. Corporations have all the data in their most expensive enterprise systems or in the cloud but employees still have to remember so many different URLs. Why so? Because corporations have provided connectivity (the network) to their employees but have not been successful in establishing a connection or engagement with their employees. It is said that engaged employees are 59% less likely to look for another job and are 38% more likely to have above average productivity.

Customer support is voodoo topic inside every corporation, it costs too much because you need a human to power this service, whereas, self-service is 98% cheaper than any human support channel. CEOs struggle with the dilemma of providing best customer support at the cheapest possible cost AND which enables up sell of more products and services. Corporations know the value of an engaged user because engaged users spend 300% more every year and are 5 times more likely to do repeat purchases. But how do you engage users without chasing them or pushing them to do things the corporations want them to do? It is really a tough call.

Well, ChatBots are the solution because Bots personalize the user experience, conduct meaningful conversations, deliver relevant offers, and make daily tasks simpler and faster. All you need is a BotMap aligned with your business/product RoadMap to get started on path to building bond with real people that matter to your business. Go build your BotMap!


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