Go ahead and chat with the HelpBOT @ http://www.decipherbuild.com!

helpbot-avatar-website-imageMost of the websites now-a-days have Live Chat for talking with a Live Agent. Here is an example of an Avatar based HelpBOT on http://www.decipherbuild.com. This HelpBOT was created by and hosted on https://www.avatarbots.com. This is a very basic HelpBOT you can chat with to find out more information about Decipher & Build company. Please go ahead and chat with this HelpBOT and share your experience in the comments of this post.

We believe every website needs a HelpBOT with Avatars. It delivers personalization and engages the website visitor 24/7 @ less than 2% of the cost of a Live Agent. Create your own avatar and brand it OR create many avatars. Try creating oneĀ @ https://www.avatarbots.com.

The key features of this HelpBOT include:

  1. Selection of animated avatars
  2. Selection of voices including native Google and from Responsive
  3. Response list script without any programming
  4. Training of the HelpBOT using Chat logs (still ongoing)
  5. Integrated into http://www.decipherbuild.com website
  6. Hosted on https://www.avatarbots.com

Go ahead and chat with this basic HelpBOT. It should be a fun experience and please share it in the comments of this post.

Also, remember to chat with this HelpBOT after a week again because this HelpBOT learns with every conversation and trains itself… šŸ™‚


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