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Decipher & Build is a Chatbots Solutions focused company. We work with your business to help you create and execute Chatbots strategy to align with your customer engagements needs and deliver Chatbots Solutions in line with your Chatbots Strategy.

In addition, Decipher & Build offers the product “Live Chat with Chatbot Agent (Web and/or FB Messenger)” running on their BaaS platform.

Chatbots Product / Solution Strategy

Decipher & Build has identified the following critical areas of Chatbots Strategy that significantly increase the chances of success of any Chatbots Product / Solution:

1. Build Utility Bots to solve specific business problems.
2. Do NOT try to recreate mega-bots like Alexa or Siri.
3. Add Integration Interfaces/Adapters to address most user/business needs.
4. Train Bots Conversations with rich subject matter expertise.
5. Reduce Bots Onboarding Time to enable quick ROI.
6. Package Domain specific Bots to enable easy reuse and deployment. Chatbots Platform

The BaaS platform enables you to:

1. Create ChatBots (Intelligent Assistants) or Virtual Chat Agents for Facebook Messenger, Twitter, Slack, Telegram, SMS Text Messaging, and Email.
2. Add Live Chat with Live Agent and/or Chatbot.
3. Integrate using Mobile SDK & API.
4. Engage users with 2D/3D Animated Avatars & Speech in your Chatbots.

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