Alignment of Chatbot Roadmap (BotMap) with your Product Roadmap throughout the one-on-one engagement with your customers, partners, and employees will be critical to achieving your business goals. Therefore, Decipher & Build will work hand-in-glove with your roadmap decision makers and owners to align, re-align, and nurture your BotMap (Chatbot Roadmap) throughout this one-on-one engagement cycle.

As part of your engagement with Decipher & Build, we will assist your teams during the full engagement cycle and help them:
1. Figure out the Chatbots Roadmap (we call it BotMaps)
2. Identify the target messaging platforms
3. Identify the application integration requirements on the backend
4. Identify the user privacy and security requirements
5. Define the user experience on target messaging platforms
6. Define the conversational UI requirements, if needed
7. Figure out deployment and monitoring
8. Outline the strategies for adoption and retention of users
9. Manage conversation training using chatlogs
10. Manage adjustment in workflows

All Chatbots are living creatures, which require on-going conversation training and adjustment in workflows. The more the users use your Chatbots, the more ideas we will get on how to grow it, make it bigger to attract and retain users to increased revenues and reduce costs.

Engagement Model: Recurring monthly engagement with predefined metrics.