Decipher & Build offers the product “Live Chat with Chatbot Agent (Web and/or FB Messenger)” running on their BaaS platform.

Switching between a Chatbot and real person on Live Chat is available on our platform. In fact, you can check out  on this website, which is a Live Chat with a Bot. If someone is online then you will be able to chat Live otherwise you will be connected to the Bot. You can ask questions regarding our company by clicking on “Chat” button or you can setup an appointment with us by clicking on “Appointment” button. The 3 key features include:
1. Live Chat
2. Conversational Chat with Bot
3. Appointment Bot Application

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Decipher & Build will implement the “Live Chat with Chatbot Agent” product on your website, which includes:
1. Configuration of Live Agents / Users.
2. Basic conversation training of the Bot.
3. If needed, use Live Agent conversation with Real Users to train the Bot.
4. On-going training of the Bot on a weekly basis.
5. Deploy and configure the Appointment Bot Application. [OPTIONAL]
6. Identify, build, deploy, and maintain New Bot Application, as needed [OPTIONAL]
7. Build, deploy, and maintain the Bot and all related Bot Applications on Facebook Messenger [OPTIONAL]
8. Build, deploy, and maintain the Bot and all related Bot Applications on Slack [OPTIONAL]

All Chatbots are living creatures, which require on-going conversation training and adjustment in workflows. The more the users use your Chatbots, the more ideas we will get on how to grow it, make it bigger to attract and retain users to increased revenues and reduce costs.

Engagement Model: Recurring monthly engagement with predefined metrics.